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Our Products
  • Custom Print Produce Packaging
    1. Barrier films
    2. Baby carrots
    3. Bin liners
    4. Box liners
    5. Broccoflower
    6. Bulk carrots
    7. Cauliflower
    8. Celery
    9. Celery hearts
    10. Green leaf/Red leaf/Romaine sleeves
    11. Grapes
    12. Iceberg Lettuce
    13. Maxi-Vent V cut technology bags
    14. Pallet covers
    15. Plant and herb sleeves
    16. Romaine hearts
    17. Shrink films
    18. Whole leaf filet liners
    19. Wicketless bags
  • Industrial Bags
    1. Drum liners
    2. Furniture covers
    3. Heavy duty pallet covers
  • High-end Flexible Packaging
    1. Biodegradable films
    2. Flow wrap
    3. Form, fill, and seal roll stock
    4. Hot needle perforated films for spinach and spring mix - co-ex and CPP
    5. Laminations
    6. Laser perforated roll stock and pre-made bags
    7. Modified atmosphere packaging
    8. Mulch
    9. OTR films for pre-cut vegetables - co-ex and laminated structures
    10. Pre-made hermetic seal bags
    11. Life extension packaging
    12. Re-closable bags
    13. RPC Covers, band and corner style
    14. Standup Pouches
    15. Handle bags
    16. Steamfast Microwavable Bags
    17. Stretch films
    18. Wicketless bags
  • Stock Items
    1. 12” UPC/PLU lettuce bags with COOL statement on wickets, 3000 per case
    2. 13” UPC/PLU lettuce bags with COOL statement on wickets, 3000 per case
    3. 14.75" UPC/PLU cauliflower bags with COOL statement on wickets, 3000 per case
    4. 24” x 18 x 36 lettuce liners in cases, 250 per case, ¼” vents
    5. 25.5” x 18 x 36 lettuce liners on rolls (500 per roll), ¼” vents
    6. 50" x 42 x 120 OTR bin liners
    7. 50" x 42 x 90 slitted liners
    8. Blue Block Celery
    9. Box tape
    10. Hot melt glue - call us for specifications
    11. Model S6 Robot
    12. Multifold corner boards
    13. Slip sheet
    14. Trash Liners

      Call us for current pricing. Items above will ship within 24 hours of order. Lead time will depend on delivery location.

  • Products
    1. Clam Shells — call us for sizes and specification
    2. Steamfast Microwavable Bags

      Convenient • Healthy • Delicious

      The Steamfast Microwavable Bags cooking system combines the taste and nutrition benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of your microwave. Incorporating a unique vent, the Close'n'Steam bag allows the food to be steamed under pressure so that it is cooked throughly and evenly, keeping more of the natural goodness and taste.

    3. RPC covers, band and corner style

      Returnable Produce Container Covers protect field-packed produce by reducing exposure to dehydration, insects, field soil, dust and rain.

      1. Reflective, flexible white polyethylene cover blocks the sun's rays to keep produce from drying out. Moisture loss is reduced and core temperatures remain lower.
      2. Custom-designed, patented vent pattern allows hydro-cooling to reach produce, yet provides protection from the sun.
      3. Quick and easy to apply - just stretch over the corners of the RPC.
      4. Sized to fit all popular RPCs.
      5. Can be printed: all the advantages of an RPC with the custom-printed look of a carton.
      6. Recyclable where facilities exist.
    4. PrimePro® Modified Atmosphere Packaging film

      A fresh approach to shelf life extension.

      Consumers know fresh produce is the key to a healthy lifestyle and demand the best-quality produce for their tables. Grocery stores want to attract customers by having top-quality fresh produce, year-round. Growers, packaers and shippers are trying to increase profits and cut costs while keeping up with the constantly changing demands of a competitive marketplace.

      As the produce industry tries to satisfy these demands, shelf-life extension technologies become more and more important. PrimePro® is a packaging technology designed to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. It extends shelf life by removing ethylene gas, a powerful plant hormone that triggers the process of ripening and decay.

      PrimePro® film is made into:

      • Carton liners
      • Form-fill-and-seal rollstock
      • Sheets
      • Pallet covers
      • Bags

      We can custom tailor the right PrimePro® package to suit the needs of individual growers. We take into account the harvesting process, cooling conditions, packing system, storage conditions and transport method and environment to create the right shelf life extension package.